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ROBSHIP Rope Bag Small

Not only to be used on the bulkhead. Small enough to serve on many other positions.Made in UV safe Acrylic nanotech...
Hind: 45.00- EUR
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ROBSHIP Rope Bag Medium

Small rope bag to help you keep the cockpit tidy. One large compartment makes it easy to tidy away your ropes. The...
Hind: 61.00- EUR

ROBSHIP Rope Bag Large

Rope bag that makes it easier to keep the cockpit tidy. The rope bag is divided into two large compartments and two...
Hind: 79.00- EUR
+ - 

ROBSHIP Rail Bag Small

Made in Acrylic nanotech fabric. Inner pocket and two outer pockets in mesh. Draining mesh at bottom....
Hind: 50.00- EUR

ROBSHIP Rail Bag Large

A smart Rail-bag in Acrylic nanotech fabric. Padded with closed cell EVA and PE board reinforced backside. Two...
Hind: 72.00- EUR
+ - 

ROBSHIP Cockpit Bag Small

New functional designs for the cockpit. Cockpit bag combi fastens with suction cups. No drilling, screwing and...
Hind: 33.00- EUR

ROBSHIP Winch Handle Holder

Winch handle holder made of UV-protected Nanotech acrylic. Simple attachment with suction cup or accompanying...
Hind: 30.00- EUR
+ - 

ROBSHIP Can Holder

Marine design can holder with space for two cans. Made of UV-protected Nanotech acrylic. Quick and easy attachment...
Hind: 23.00- EUR

Veekindel kott iPad-ile 31x22cm

Nutiseadme kott iPad-ile. Kaitseb vee, tolmu, liiva ja lume eest. Mõõdud: 31 x 22cm. 
Hind: 15.00- EUR

Veekindel kott iPad minile 27x17cm

Nutiseadme kott iPad mini-le. Kaitseb vee, tolmu, liiva ja lume eest. Mõõdud: 27 x 17cm. 
Hind: 10.00- EUR

Veekindel kott PR23.764.01

Veekindel kott. Valmistatud läbipaistvat PVC materjalist. Spetsiaalse sulguriga. Mõõdud: 127 x 178mm. 
Hind: 10.00- EUR
+ - 

Veekindel kott PR23.764.03

Veekindel kott. Valmistatud läbipaistvat PVC materjalist. Spetsiaalse sulguriga. Mõõdud: 267 x 343mm. 
Hind: 10.00- EUR

Veekindel kott L10440

Veekindel kott mobiiltelefonile. Mõõdud: 100 x 190mm. 
Hind: 10.00- EUR
+ - 

Veekindel kott L10450

Veekindel kott. Mõõdud: 270 x 420mm.
Hind: 10.00- EUR
+ - 

Veekindel kott L10442

Veekindel kott VHF raadiole. Mõõdud: 100x400mm. 
Hind: 12.00- EUR
+ - 

Veekindel kott OP2578

Optiparts WinDesign veekindel kott telefonile, rahakotile või kaamerale. Mõõdud: 9 x 17cm. 
Hind: 10.00- EUR
+ - 

Roller bag 88L OP2622

Waterresistant rollerbag for the dinghy sailor. The roller bag is the perfect storage bag for sailing activities...
Hind: 119.00- EUR

Musto Waterproof Dry Backpack 40L AL3312

This Waterproof Dry Backpack 40L uses an innovative bonded construction to eliminate stitching and zips. This makes...
Hind: 89.00- EUR

Musto Essential Waterproof Folio Backpack AUBL233

Tough, protective and secure. This polyester Essential Folio Backpack is an outstanding choice for wet...
Hind: 69.00- EUR

Musto Packaway Backpack AL2101

Go further and travel lighter ‐ we give you the MUSTO Packaway Backpack. Now you can seek adventure whenever and...
Hind: 39.00- EUR
+ - 

Musto kott Mini Carryall 4,5L AL4180

The Mini Carryall is an extremely versatile carryall made from splash resistant coated fabric and available in a...

Hind: 29.00- EUR
Soodus: 17.40 EUR
+ -  

Optiparts veekindel seljakott OP2620

Optiparts Windesign kuiv seljakott on valmistaud kvaliteetsest kauakestvast materjalis veekindla lukuga. Polsterdatud...
Hind: 79.00- EUR
+ - 

Crewsaver Dry Case CR6245

Crewsaver Dry Case 7 x 4 x 13,5cm on valmistatud vastupidavast plastikust. On oluline aksessuaar igat tüüpi...
Hind: 15.00- EUR
+ - 


Tugevast PVC materjalist kanderihmaga UV- ja veekindel kuivkott.

Hind: 21.00- EUR
+ -  

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