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Gooseneck, Laser

Laser gooseneck.
Hind: 26.70 EUR

Cap, Self Tap, Laser

Laser Self Tap Cap.
Hind: 6.60 EUR

Laser Mainsheet

Laser 6mm Mainsheet Sheetline.
Hind: 35.30 EUR

Plug, Lower Mast, Laser

Fits the Laser Standard and 4.7 lower mast, plastic mast foot plug with moulded in sand grooves, change it...
Hind: 1.90 EUR

Autobailer, Laser

The Laser Self Bailer is now fitted to every Laser Hull. The plastic Laser Bailer is a complete unit supplied with...
Hind: 23.30 EUR

Gudgeon, Laser

Plastic Laser gudgeon - same part does both the top and bottom and is held in place with screws. Remember to...
Hind: 6.30 EUR

Cleat, Laser XD, Small

Small Cleat, Laser XD.
Hind: 33.00- EUR

Decal, Bow, Laser

Laser Bow decal sold as a single only.
Hind: 9.40 EUR

Block wo Key, Vang, Laser

Laser lower vang block without key.
Hind: 14.40 EUR

Vang Tang, Mast, Laser

Stainless steel kicking strap plate for Laser Standard, Radial and 4.7 lower mast Vang attachment.
Hind: 11.50 EUR

Cleat, Clam, Tiller, Laser

Clam Cleat Tiller Laser.
Hind: 17.00- EUR

Batten, Laser MKII (Set)

New Laser Mark II Standard batten set which has been designed especially for use with the Laser Mark II sail only....
Hind: 67.90 EUR

Strap, Clew, Laser

The ultimate clew tie down for the Laser. The Laser clew strap holds the clew of the sail tightly in place with...
Hind: 16.20 EUR

Hiking Strap, Laser XD

Laser Toe Strap Padded in grey with XD logo. Internal plastic stiffener stops the Laser Toe Strap from turning...
Hind: 32.30 EUR

Vang Key, Curved, Laser

The Laser Curved Kicker Key fits onto the kicker/vang system and slots into the boom.
Hind: 8.60 EUR

Hiking Strap, CFJ-Laser

Hiking Strap for CFJ or for older style Laser.
Hind: 26.00- EUR

Block w Hook, Vang, Laser

Laser Vang Block with Hook.
Hind: 61.70 EUR

Gooseneck Plug, Laser

Laser Boom Plug inboard end to fit your boom to lower mast via gooseneck fitting. To be attached with a rivet ( not...
Hind: 3.80 EUR

Block, Boom, Laser

Harken boom block. This block has race bearings and is a perfect upgrade to your Laser. Fitted to boom with part...
Hind: 19.60 EUR

Bung, Bailer, Laser

A replacement bung for your Laser Self Bailer. Very easy to fit and recommended to have a spare Bailer Bung with...
Hind: 2.50 EUR

Plate wo Blocks, Laser

Laser XD stainless steel block plate unfitted attached to deck with screws has two loops to attach blocks for...
Hind: 26.00- EUR

Bushing Assy, Cockpit, Laser

The Laser Drain Bush Set sits between the your hull and cockpit. The Laser Self Bailer or Bung fits through this....
Hind: 21.10 EUR

Stop Set, Daggerboard, Laser

New and improved Laser Daggerboard Stop Set, supplied in orange plastic with a black rubber cover.
Hind: 7.40 EUR

Retaining Clip, Rudder, Laser

The Laser Rudder Clip will secure your Laser Rudder to the boat. The Rudder Clip is easy to fit but remember to use...
Hind: 4.50 EUR

Grabrail, Laser, Grey

The Laser Grab Rail is plastic and attaches with five Grab Rail Grommets and screws. The Grab Rail Grommets fit...
Hind: 16.00- EUR

Block, Boom, Laser, Blue

Original plastic construction plain bearing block fitted to boom with 91537 eye strap and attached with rivets.
Hind: 16.20 EUR

Block Set, Laser, Harken

Harken complete block set with race ball bearings, replaces the boom blocks and the large/small traveler blocks....
Hind: 99.60 EUR

Plate w Blocks, Laser, Harken

Plate w Blocks, Laser, Harken.
Hind: 62.60 EUR

Block, Single, Laser, Blue

Original plastic construction plain bearing block fitted to boom with 91537 eye strap and attached with rivets.
Hind: 16.20 EUR

Block, Rachet, Harken

Harken mainsheet block, 2.5 inch diameter switchable ratchet max sheet size 10 mm.
Hind: 74.60 EUR

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